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Angie & Deme Dreams

born from the inspiration of a dream that somehow became reality. The passion and enthusiasm of two people who dreamt of sharing experiences and who had the same adoration for motorcycles, was different from the norm. Based on the bike and in its pure essential features. The bike as it was, with its style, beauty, aesthetics and glamor.

Angie & Deme Dreams offers the opportunity to enjoy unique, special, stylish and charming routes in Barcelona, Catalonia and Menorca.

Designed for sharing and to enjoy in  the company of partner, in a duo, two on each bike. Our bikes also have a special charm, but are also easy, comfortable and affordable for any motorcycle driver. They are equipped with features to enjoy riding around in motorcycle duo.

Similarly, the places where we stop to eat or stay, are unforgettable for their charm and appeal. The family give the most attentive treatment, you feel at home and that´s our purpose. We leave just to return to this beautiful place.

The landscape through which our routes run, is among those who are not forgotten, as the roads lead to these fantastic places.

Discover another way to go on a motorcycle with Angie & Deme Dreams.


Special and unique, her style is unmistakable. Her ability to provide, combine and choose clothes, accessories, decoration or anything can be modified with glamor, it is her specialty.

Bachelor of Tourism and co-owner of a revolutionary and international important brand of shoes, Angie surrounds you with her pleasant nature, her good humour and optimism.

Her love and passion for style and good taste, have been passed onto to Angie & Deme Dreams.

She loves and enjoys bikes in a different and unique way, it represents the authentic spirit of Angie & Deme Dreams.

Angie and Deme together, form a very special combination called Angie & Deme Dreams.


A fan of motorcycles since birth, through his hands countless motorcycle models have passed. Deme is Journalist and motorcycle tester. He is also a motorcycle instructor for driving courses, ski instructor, lifeguard and industrial designer.

 Deme has a clear passion for motorcycles wherever he goes. He has managed to combine his passion into his work, and motard and traveller is declared. He is almost an expert on the topography of Catalunya and the most exciting curves of roads.

One of his great virtues is patience, he is capable of guiding and adapting to the different levels of driving levels and groups. Contingencies are challenging and the pleasure of rolling around on his great motorcycle is his motivation.

Along with Angie, they form a very special combination called Angie & Deme Dreams.

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