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The Royal Enfield Classic 500 is our favorite bike.

After testing and evaluating different possibilities motorcycle to roll duo in our outings, Angie & Deme Dreams have chosen the new Royal Enfield Classic for his great qualities. A new 500 cc loaded engine torque, makes it fun, accessible and comfortable is driven. With its unique character, distinctive sound, ergonomics, style and dynamic driving feel is nice, both for whom driving, and passenger.

Conceived to roll duo, the Royal Enfield Classic combines low seat and accessible driving position, with a lively engine and quick response. Power delivery is linear and toe, unadulterated fun and efficiency. The cycle and the quality of the suspensions of the Classic, part offer agile handling and an engaging driving experience.

 A unique and special bike, Angie & Deme Dreams puts at your disposal so that you enjoy a duet.


Angie & Deme Dreams we have designed an amazing and unique routes, to enjoy a duet peaceably on a bike comfortable and stylish. We have equipped our Royal Enfield Classic with a series of accessories that make it even more special and elegant. Two bags for personal belongings, allow us to do without backpacks or bags, and so more comfortably enjoy the route. With a low seat provides a comfortable driving position, reinforced by the position of the handle and the handlebars and seat, with a narrower front section, for better upright position.

The padded seat and suspension travel, makes the Classic is a bike accessible to all, without neglecting performance and dynamic efficiency. A driving experience that is a reference and not leave you indifferent.

The Royal Enfield Classic allows a refined and intuitive driving on all types of roads. Combining agility and stability, with high levels of comfort and control, resulting in a fascinating, relaxed and fun driving experience.


The freedom that gives us rolling on bike, is something unique and special. If we do well in the company, the enjoyment is even greater.

So Angie & Dreams Deme think the bike is about two to share. It is very common to see groups of motorcycles with a single passenger. Why not do it with our partner, company, sharing?

While rehearsing the motorcycle tours with other couples, we realized that they were enjoying the bike as they had never done. But they were equally excited to experience that feeling different from shooting in motorcycle next to them. "Robert, happy to share with your bike and Imma route". That said it all. The "bike rides" Angie & Deme Dreams are based on principles, where the company and camaraderie prevails, sharing the experiences of the route, those marked on our maps unique and special places. View shoot four or five motorcycles, with two occupants,

it is unusual.

So what better gift couple she and he, together to enjoy our bike rides.

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